Welcome to the newly restored Loma Mar Store. The old gal’s all fixed up now, in her fanciest dress and ready for company. We are happy you are here.

We hope you find this a lovely place to be on a rainy February, when it’s cold and dreary outside, come in and be warm. Enjoy a cup of espresso and something savory— the coffee is excellent and the pastries are homemade. Snuggle in with one of our tasty treats and the paper till your neighbor-friends show up to share the chilly morning in cozy comfort.

And “welcome to you,” our over-the-hill guests, it’s not easy finding Loma Mar, but you found us! We are a hidden gem of the Bay Area— deep in the redwood forest here, 15 minutes from the ocean, only 45 minutes from Palo Alto but a million miles from the Bay Area traffic and busyness. You are in the Bay Area boonies now— you have found our tiny hamlet with a population of only 167. Park your bike, hike over, leave your camping gear at one of the ___ neighboring parks, and have a bowl of soup and a homemade muffin. We have camping supplies, ready to go soups, salads, savory and sweet homemade pastries.

This is a place where we celebrate the privilege of caring fort his magnificent, remote corner of San Mateo County.


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