The Harrison Post Office Revealed

We wondered what came of the Harrison Post Office? We figured the little section of the store that housed our postal employees must have been the same shack on skids that offered postal service to the town of Harrison. But we weren't certain.

Neighbor Sharon B, whose family's history is deeply intertwined with Loma Mar for many generations, loaned us this picture of the old post office shack. The picture was taken during the time when Loma Mar was known as the town of Harrison. As we've pealed back the layers of construction from the building the original little post office is now visible. And it sure looks like the same structure—particularly now that we can see the back.

Whether or not our mini postal building is the same shack as the Harrison P.O., it is clear this itsy-bitsy shed was the original structure on our site. The store, kitchen and apartment were added over time, bit by bit. It is fun to see the genealogy of the construction and some of the "fixes" have been quite creative. And now the building, which includes (what we like to think of as the little Harrison P.O.), is down on her first real foundation. Hot diggity!  

And yes, in case you are wondering, the patriotic painted door and trim will remain through our construction and will still be in place when we are finished with our girl's restoration. We may be giving her a new party dress and fancy footwear, but some things just shouldn't change...