This weekend, we moved the US Government. What did you do?

Yeehaw, the little Loma Mar post office is in its new location—the cute little barn next to the store, down the path, between the two redwood trees.


And may we point out, our postal authority works with a different sort of time schedule than we, Team Loma Mar Store, do.

Tenacious Amy began this process in April (seriously, April.) Our girl Amy's the polite sort but don't blow her off, she'll keep after you till you get your work done. (Really, a 60 day work order for an I.T. guy to install internet?) So today we celebrate our Post Office ensconced in its new, temporary location and new post boxes installed for local delivery. Job well done!

More thanks to go around—Jose, Cezar and Armondo: nicely done, the space looks great! And to our local postal services employees who came down to make this move happen: you folks were very accommodating and generous with your time and cheerful to work with! Our gratitude to you! And we must mention our super duper post mistresses, Bonnie, Harriet and Kristen: we really appreciate your extra hours, your weekend time, your effort and thought. You gals rock!

So for (at least) the next 4 to 6 months Loma Mar postal service will be offered in the little barn to the left of the store. Postal hours will be the same, accessible 24 hours a day.

Please feel free to contact us if there is anything your store operators can do to make your postal access work better for you.  

Best to all,

Team Loma Mar Store (Jeff, Kate and Amy)