Well, guess what?! We got a permit!

Permit in hand

We have our first permit from the County, hot diggity!  To quote Penny in Oh Brother Where Art Thou, we are bona fide! 

So neighbors, now the fun begins. This permit will allow us to pick the old girl (our-near-and-dear-to-our-hearts, store) up and give her a new, straight, level and all-at-the-same-height, foundation. When we are finished with the foundation, the fireplace room, the store center and the post office space will all be on the same plane.  Which they aren't now; she has a 6" step up into the main area of the store from the fireplace room & kitchen. This is our first permit for the refreshed Loma Mar Store, we are psyched!  

Post office move

This means our first order of business is moving our little post office.  The plan is to move the post office this coming Saturday (Sept 13.) We will begin offering postal service temporarily in the little barn to the left of the store. We've ripped off the deck of the store to re-use the wood to make a ramp for a "lovely, tapered, elegant" entrance into your new postal accommodations.

The trick may be getting our postal managers back out of the "ye 'ole spacious" barn, as these new accommodations are quite large in comparison with those our postal folks are currently offered-- one of the smallest PO's in the US. But we plan to squish them back in when the gal's foundation and roof are all repaired. Hopefully their still tiny accommodations will be snapped up a bit as well.

Removing the redwood tree

Switching tones here a tad and to give a full update of our progress, once the PO is nicely situated in their temporary new digs, we will be bringing down the large redwood tree to the left of the store. So you know, this has not been an easy decision for us to make. We, as likely most folks who live among these grand beings will understand, do not lightly bring one of these lovely trees down. These are the generators of the delicious air of our South Coast; they are the kings and queens of the spongy ecosystems that wick the coastal fog that miraculously are keeping the springs flowing to date this horribly dry summer. We suspect this area may just be heaven on earth, and these majestic beings most likely are the creatures that give this magnificent area it's magnificence.  

So, making the choice to bring one down is a decision we spent a great deal of time on. But ultimately our commitment to the store is long term. We considered cutting into the tree on the store side, to ease the space between the store and the tree. This would leave the tree for the time being but and we'd have to deal with the roots under the store by severing those we could reach or bridge the roots when we build the foundation on that side. But taking a long view of the project-- as we hope to still be tending to the building in 20 years-- if we don't remove the tree now, we'll have a truly grand, grand, grand tree and mighty grand problem, 20 years from now-- growing into the store.

So with gratitude and respect, we are bringing this beautiful tree, and the little misshapen one behind her, down. We will use their gifts well, maybe even in the store. 

Foundation plans

Sober, this part. Sorry about that, but want to share our whole adventure with you.

So, back to the foundation permit. Next we lift, high. The finished foundation will be 2 feet higher than the current foundation is now. Our reasons here are a good bit for aesthetics (building is down looooowww now,) and functional-- we want to square up the differences between floor levels in the different parts of the store (mentioned,) but primarily again because we plan to own this gal 20 years and the height will address the drainage issues from the hillside across the street. And there is a lot of water those uphill neighbors send our way. But with this foundation, we'll be ready for them. Yes sir eeee!

So that's all we got for now. Will keep the updates coming. Best to all.

Your Loma Mar Store Operators-To-Be, 

Jeff, Kate and Amy