Searching for history of Harrison, CA. I mean, Loma Mar!

Howdy neighbors! We are interested in finding as many pieces of historical information as we can about our little hamlet out here in these South Coast woods. 

We do know Loma Mar originally was Harrison, CA. We’ve no idea why or when our town’s name changed to Loma Mar, or if it had to do with there being another, bigger Harrison in Southern California. And by the way, Wurr Road, where our farm is, was originally Baker road. Again, no idea when or why this changed either.

The black and white photo is courtesy of thoughtful neighbor Sharon B, back when we were the town of Harrison. Sharon's family has been here for generations and they have saved a few history treasures and generously shared them with us. The color picture is our little PO today. And ironically, post master Thompson was also the owner of our farm on Wurr Road, I mean, Baker Road.

We would love to hear the history, so please forward what you know!